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Web Marketing
Organic ranking (SEO) and Google AdWords (SEA) marketing strategies

People today use search engines to look for information on the products before taking a decision on a product..
Most of them have been decisively influenced on a purchase from the information they find out in their searching. The goal is to gain visibility toward your target by increasing leads and sales.
To assist in achieving this goal we:

  1. Optimize your contents to increase your visibility
  2. Plan and manage web advertising campaigns to promote your business
  3. Use analysis tools able to provide information about your audience.
  4. Plan sales and promotion strategies based on customers' purchasing behaviors.
Ester Liquori Design we suggest and support you with best practices for online promotion
Have you already planned your image on Social Networks?

On social networks you can have a direct dialogue with users, collect reports and comments, create engagement and share improvement suggestions.
Take care of your presence on the social channels to increase your brand credibility!

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